The term GPT stands for "Get Pay To", that is to say "Get paid for" ... GPT offers many free ways to earn money: by clicking, reading emails, answering surveys , by promoting pages ... etc

Link Name Payment min Promotion Description Payment method
Swagbucks 5 € 10% Cashback, Watch videos (very useful to complete the daily goal), Respond to surveys, Download applications PayPal, Gifts, Gift voucher
Instagc 1 $ 10% Earn points by taking paid surveys, playing games and liking their pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google + ... PayPal, Gifts, Gift voucher, Codes
Keeprewarding 1 $ 10% Surveys, videos, Paid To Click, Paid to sign up, ... PayPal, Gifts, Gift voucher, Codes
Bannière GPTBonus Gptbonus 5 € 20% This site offers several ways to earn BPOINTS, either by registering on sites, by participating in contests, or by subscribing to newsletters. PayPal, Gifts, Gift voucher, Codes